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Es gibt auch eine verbesserte deutsche Version: Das Diskrete Universum

Das Modell enthält auch eine Beschreibung des Zentrums eines schwarzen Loches.

If you read this introductionary words I strongly recommend you, to read the blog to the end. You will see, at minimum, that the mathematics needed to follow the discussion is limited to an Introduction in Graph Theory and Group theory. Follow ony the sequence at end of this site.

The Discrete Universe here seen as a project is a mental experiment: Besides all considerations about usability and validity I tried to find out, what mathematics, applied as model to the universe, includes even the possibilities to describe the presently most challenging phenomena like Singularities, The Big Bang and the basic structure of time, space and matter so far as there are no answers available yet.

As additional challenge I selected  Discrete Finite Mathematics, as these structures seemed to me to most probable approaching the reality.  I believe that infinity is a virtual term for handling mathematical problems only, but not a real thing to find it in our real world, so finite discrete structures remain as the only suitable tools for me to stay near to the truth.

I am not the first, who had the idea, that universe could be described by graph theory, as I found myself by making tradeoffs between the possible mathematics. I recently found the book of Alexey L. Krugly, a Russian autor, dated already January 2, 1999, Discrete Space-Time

So I hope, you understand my contribution as a honest one, and I wish you to have fun reading my blog.

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About discrete approaches and their controversion with established nature sciences